Saturday, July 26, 2008

Google Mobile

The number is 466-456 (or google).

Want to know the weather? Are you lost? Are you trying to figure out when Brad Pitts birthday is? Just text Weather, Directions or Brad Pitts age to 466-456. You will get a swift, free, text giving you the answer. Want to know the movie times? What about the number to the restaurant that you are on your way to, so you can get reservations? Did your stock go up today? Send "Help" to 466-456 and get your information.

I love google SMS. Its fast, free and useful.
The only thing that Google hasn't integrated into this system is local residential numbers. In some ways, I am glad that my info can't be at the fingertips of the public. But, on the other hand, if I forgot to call my neighbor before I left the house, and don't have their phone number, I would love to type in their name and get the number fast. Its a catch 22.
So? The verdict?
5 Stars!!

Do you agree? Disagree? Here is your chance to tell me!
Now what do you think about that?


3boyzmom said...

Google Mobile sounds awesome, I've never used it...and it's free? I'm definitely going to try it! It sure could come in handy!! Gotcha!!

ThreadBeaur said...

Wow, google is everywhere, and knows everything!

Fabulous! click

Jerry & Karlene said...

I have to use my wifes phone to use it, (I have Edge) but love it, it's great when your driving and I need to win an argument, I can, but most of the time I lose the argument.