Wednesday, October 1, 2008

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October 1, 2008
Refrigerator POL-ICE detain Salt Lake City Mayor
Salt Lake City, UT: The Refrigerator POL-ICE, while supervising a group of demonstrators, detained Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker today, in an effort to draw attention to the energy and produce wasted as a result of overcooling refrigerators and freezers.
The Chief of the Refrigerator POL-ICE stated that everyone was in good spirits, and kept their cool. Download a video of the protest at and view the attached photographs from the event.
The company was behind these publicity protests, and is planning to take this campaign from state to state, trying to raise awareness among home and business owners about refrigerator and freezer energy and produce wastage. Approximately 20% of the world’s energy is used by some form of refrigeration. Unlike many other appliances, refrigerators and freezers are generally constantly on, twenty-four hours a day.
The average home will throw away over $580 of produce this year, which equates to over 600 pounds of produce discarded annually. An estimated $96 billion dollars of produce will be thrown away in the United States this year. Furthermore, the energy to power the average home refrigerator will cost $200 annually.
The Refrigeratorsaver helps save energy and extend the life of produce by two to three days. The product produces a 20% energy savings and saves $130 in produce annually for the average refrigerator. For commercial refrigerators, the savings can be substantially greater.
With commercial refrigeration being used in restaurants, cafes, bars, supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, schools, and colleges, the Refrigeratorsaver, which won a Millennium Award, is a must for refrigerators and freezers.
Most consumers and businesses today are looking for ways to save money where they can. With gas prices increasing and fuel surcharges being added to all deliveries, this $30.00 device, which has no installation requirements, can save organizations money and has a payback period of months, rather than years.
The Refrigerator POL-ICE are continuing to spread the news about saving money with the Refrigeratorsaver. Find out if the Refrigerator POL-ICE are coming to your state by visiting our website at
Refrigeratorsaver is owned by a British housewife based in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area. The company will open offices on the East Coast and West Coast next spring. Refrigeratorsaver has its own news channel, which weekly reports Fridge News featuring host Adam De Frost. The program makes energy saving fun and can be watched via the Refrigeratorsaver website beginning October 1st.
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