Friday, May 28, 2010

Crime in Phoenix

Guest posted by Karly Travers.

I lived in Phoenix, Arizona for 22 years. Owned a nice home on Rose Lane just off Central avenue, and was part owner of a radio station. Phoenix was a wonderful, safe place to live back then. I don't recall ever locking my doors day or night, and my trip to the radio station on West Buckeye Road to work was uneventful. I even had the audacity to leave my car unlocked and the windows down wherever I went. Crime! What crime?

My how times have changed. Now there is civil chaos, kidnappings, murder, home invasions, and Phoenix citizens are afraid to walk the streets in certain parts of the city. Just lounging in Patriots Park on a summer evening, you could get your valuables stolen. A recent study of crime statistics puts the city of Phoenix and the surrounding metro area on the list of the most dangerous cites to live in.

These tips will help. Don't post personal information on Twitter, FaceBook, or MySpace. Install a wide-angle peephole in front and back doors. Motion detectors and exterior lights out of reach work great. Pound a nail in window frames so they won't completely open. Upgrade all locks including sliding glass doors. Security grates on windows work, too. Keep in mind that burglers hate to work in the daylight, take too much time with the attempt, or can't break in without making noise. Keep a watch on strange cars driving up and down on your street. Look into phoenix home security systems if you feel it would help.

A special thanks to  Karly Travers for her ideas. This is great advice wherever you live. Keep yourself and your children safe! Visit Security Choice website now, and receive 100 dollar gift card just for signing up!

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