Sunday, April 3, 2011

Zesty guacamole for a special occasion

Guest post written by Leah Fowler
My 25th birthday party is going to be in a few weeks and I decided that this is a special birthday and I haven't had a party since I was 21. So I'm going to make sure to throw a really great one for myself. I decided that I'm going to have a fiesta theme because that will be really fun and I love Mexican food, so I'm going to be serving up some of my favorite dishes.
I've been going online to get all kinds of ideas about how to plan stuff for my party because I'm throwing it myself. When i was online I came across some information about internet packages and after I read through it a bit, I decided to CLICK and order one of them for my apartment!
I've bought myself a sombrero that I'm going to wear for the night and already found a guacamole recipe that's supposed to be a little more citrus-y. Then of course I’ll be serving a wide variety of Mexican cerveza, including some Tacate and Corona!

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