Monday, August 4, 2008

Mary-Kate Olsen refuses to talk to authorities about Heath Ledger's death

Alright, So I usually don't like and don't care about celebrity gossip. But this article on really made me frustrated.
Allegedly Mary-Kate Olsen was friends with Heath Ledger (wasn't he way too much older for her to be 'just friends?' just wondering...) and was the first one called when her masseuse discovered Ledgers body after he had died. All of Ledgers friends have rallied around the actor in an attempt to stop the speculation of illegal drug use and suicide. That’s what good friends do, right? Well, not according to Mary-Kate Olsen. She is refusing to talk to federal authorities that are investigating the accidental overdose of Ledger until she receives immunity from prosecution. Immunity from what my I ask? Hu, Mary-Kate? According to the post, some of the pain killers were likely obtained illegally. Hmm.

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