Sunday, September 14, 2008

One slide and one naked baby...

Grace has entered the 'no clothes' phase. All you moms and dads know what I am talking about. The phase where you dress your child and turn around and you see a streak of pinkish flesh whirl past you and through the door. You are left thinking... "How do they get their clothes off so fast?" And I want to know why it is the initial thought of a toddler to run outside after undressing?
Well, I have tried everything to keep at least the diaper on. And finally, I have cured my child of the obsession of the nakedness. Not on purpose, of course... (isn't that how it usually happens?) But she is cured nonetheless. How? I am sure the parents of naked toddlers around the world are asking that very question.
Well, Let me take you back...
I get my 22 month old child up. I change her diaper. I dress her. I enter the kitchen to make breakfast. I hear my child crying in the living room. I was nervous. I run in, not knowing what to expect.
As I entered the living room, this is what I saw. One child. Fully nude. One slide. One fully nude child sitting on the slide. There is screaming going on. Yep, definitely screaming from the toddler. Not a hurt scream as I initially thought, but an angry scream. A really angry scream. I ask whats wrong. The screaming toddler points down the slide and points at her bare bottom. She has this mad expression on her face as she tries to scoot down the slide on her bare bottom. She is stuck. And she is mad. She tries again. Nothing. More screaming. There is laughter coming from somewhere. Oops. I think that's coming from me...
I lift her off the slide. She is angry, but on a mission. She marches naked over to the corner. She picks up her diaper and shoves it at me. She has a defeated look on her face.
We haven't had a problem since.

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Lilith Silvermane said...

OMG that is awesome!!!
I would have been crying!

My 20 month old is in the same phase. Duct tape is useless, super glue is mean, staples aren't allowed, I might just follow her around with a potty so at least my floors don't get messy!