Monday, September 8, 2008

Pajama Party - Week 4

Today is the start of a brand new awesome giveaway! The sponsor of this giveaway is Johnny Light...About Johnny-Light and RBJ Manufacturing

"The Johnny-Light, dubbed a "DHC" or "domestic harmony commod-ity", is an easily installed (no tools), battery powered device that lights the toilet bowl at night and goes off when the toilet seat is down. The greenish glow in the toilet bowl reminds users to put the commode seat down and helps eliminate the "annoying fall-ins" and late night splashes that aggravate so many women. The "seat-up/seat-down" debate has raged in households almost as long as toilets have existed. Potty politics have been a subject for poets, fodder for such advice columns as Anne Landers, and even lyrics in songs.

Richie Mills, Bill Bradford, and Jack Bryan (RBJ) patented the product and launched it in 1996. Bradford, an electrical engineer, is the 14th generation descendant of William Bradford, the first mayor of Plymouth (as in Rock). Co-inventor Bryan is a professional engineer and patent agent, and Mills is a partner in the company which manufactures and distributes the Johnny-Light.

The Johnny-Light has been featured on "Regis and Kathie Lee", and also on the "Leeza" Gibbons and the "Howie Mandel" television shows, as well as "Good Morning Texas". Articles have appeared in Glamour Magazine and numerous newspapers around the country.

The Johnny-Light is an ideal gift for Mother's or Father's Day or as a Christmas stocking stuffer. They also make great bridal and baby shower gifts. The Johnny-Light has also been proclaimed a great aid in children's toilet training. It prevents the need to turn on a bathroom light that disturbs other sleepers, and helps improve sanitation. Males are reminded to close up shop when they are done!"

So? Do you want to win a Johnny Light? The great folks at Johnny-Light are giving away TWO Johnny-Lights to the readers at Now What Do You Think About That. It is super easy to enter... Just fill out the simple form below. All we need is your name and e-mail address!!

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