Thursday, September 9, 2010

Going to the Movies

Guest post written by my buddy Royce Heath
How I love going to the movies. I have always been a film buff, as my mom before me and my grandmother as well. My grandmother used to go and see Rudolph Valentino silent films!
I love the entire going to the movies process. I usually go with my boyfriend or sometimes, my daughter or a girlfriend. I set my security for the home, arrive at the theater, purchase tickets, perhaps a snack, find a "good" seat, settle in and enjoy the previews before the feature film begins. I enjoy the entire process. It is fun to see a hit movie on a big screen with an audience surrounding you. I love comedies, especially romantic ones, and laughing with a group of people makes the experience somehow, more fun. It is also true of a drama or mystery film. When there is a tense or emotional moment, and you become so engrossed in the story, plot and characters that you are almost unaware of your surroundings, until, you hear an audible gasp from yourself or those around you.
It is moments like those that make movie going such a rewarding, fun and emotional experience. It's not quite the same watching a movie at home with interruptions and too much of a familiar environment.

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