Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Team colors decor

Guest post written by Carla Sommers
When I told my 5 year old son that we would redo his decoration in his bedroom and I asked him what he wanted to decorate it with, I thought that he would say that he wanted it to be pirate themed, because he really loves reading and acting like pirates. But he chose to decorate his room in the school colors and theme of me and my husband's alma mater. I guess that when you say to start them young they're right.
I told my mom what he wanted and she was delighted because she also went to the same school. Then we got talking about other things like how she had just got hearing aids in Dayton where she lives and my aunt had bought some Ft. Lauderdale Hearing Aids too right around the same time. That reminded her that my aunt is a retired interior designer and would probably love to help us redecorate.
So I gave my aunt a call and she has been helping us out. We're almost through with the room and I think it looks great!

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