Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This or That

I recently was told about an awesome website that I thought I would share. 
This site is still in its infancy, but I think it will continue to grow and become even better. The site is called "ThisorThat" and is a hilarious way to waste a few minutes (or an hour or even two hours!) on the internet. 
This or That is a comparison website that lets you create and vote on comparisons for anything and everything. (And I mean everything!) The website feels that comparing is a fundamental human activity and ThisOrThat aims to be the definitive source of all comparisons. 
Here are a few comparisons I thought were awesome! 

Let me tell you. I would definitely rather be without internet than food! But I think you will be surprised with the results! As of now, its 47% for no internet and 53% would rather be without food!
The other one that surprised me is this:

"USA Today reported that newest fried sensations to hit the scene are Donut Burgers (replace bun with donut) and Fried Butter (no explanation necessary). Which do you think you'd rather have your heart stop for"

62% say they would rather eat the donuts burgers than the fried butter. 
Neither for me, thank you!

I give you permission to go play on on the ThisorThat website. :) 
Have fun!

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