Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Finding the Kid's Halloween Costumes

Thanks for the post, Lorraine Gregory
As a parent, I encourage my children to enjoy holidays, but no holiday can be as frustrating at times like shopping for Halloween costumes. The majority of stores in my city do not put their costumes on display until about two weeks before Halloween, and it drives me insane!
First, I take the children with me to shop for a costume. I set my home security alarm I found on before we pack into the car. We usually go to Wal Mart for this type of purchase, but this year the costumes were almost empty by the time we got there. The only costumes that were left were pumpkin, cat, and police officer costumes.
My son and daughter did not want either of those displayed, so we went to a locally-owned grocery store to see what they had on display. Thankfully this store had many costumes to choose from. My six year old daughter picked out a Snow White costume, and my 4 year old son choose a Spider man costume, complete with the mask.
When I got to the register, I saw why this store still had this vast array of costumes- each costume cost $30 each! I was not happy, but with the holiday close I grudgingly paid the cashier. Next year, I may decide to shop online to see if I can get a better deal!

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