Monday, November 29, 2010

Go Red Wings

Posted by Wilburn Berg
I'm a huge fan of the 11-time Stanley Cup Champions Detroit Red Wings. I watch every one of their games on my satellite tv from Red Wings forward Danny Cleary is on a tear the past five game and I haven't missed one of them. I'll admit, that he was frustrating me earlier in the season, but now he is making up for all of those games without a goal. Besides Cleary there is Johan Franzen and Mike Modano and Todd Bertuzzi on this team and are leading the Central division right now. We've got the great Mike Babcock leading our troops and I don't see why we can't go all of the way this year and add a twelfth championship cup at the end. Babcock is still experimenting with the lines and I have faith that we will continue to improve with each lineup change. I'd do anything to see them live at Joe Louis Arena, but I live so far away that it's not a real possibility. If I ever get a chance I will definitely go. I love the Red Wings and as long as we avoid any major injuries for the season we are going to be celebrating all year long.

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