Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Blue Sky Scrubs, inventors of the amazing Pony, a scrub cap specially created for individuals with long hair, has expanded its product line with the introduction of several new items.
They have amazingly simple dental hygiene scrubs, which are perfect for the dental professional. They are well-fitted, and have a simple design. And since they are fashionable, yet very affordable, they make for a great gift!
 Another item that caught my eye was the medical uniform lab coats. They bring a sense of style into the medical world, that you can't find elsewhere.
And for those professionals that like the classic green surgical scrubs, they have Carnegie green scrubs. Also known as "Classic O.R. Green" or "Surgical Green," Carnegie Green is a deep sea green. 
 So if you have a loved one that is in the medical or dental field, check out Blue Sky Scrubs for awesome gift ideas!

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