Friday, December 31, 2010

ABC Sports is My Favorite

Guest post written by Mikel Trevino
Before Monday Night Football began airing on ESPN, I would have said that my favorite sports network is ABC. I remember watching the games on my Satellite TV Deals, while John Madden and Al Michaels entertained me with clever drawings on the monitor. Fortunately, ABC Sports is the sister network of ESPN - this means that if a specific game isn't airing on ABC, it's probably airing on ESPN and vice-versa. In fact, my favorite college basketball games air on one of the two networks every weekend. I never miss a game because of the ABC/ESPN arrangement.
So, I guess ABC is still my favorite, even though I really do miss the old Monday Night Football gang. Both networks play basketball, so I can't really say that one is exactly better than the other. However, since I have long ties with ABC, I choose that network as my favorite of all time. If they decided to drop sports altogether, then of course I would choose ESPN. Until then, I welcome ABC Sports to my living room each and every weekend.

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