Wednesday, December 15, 2010

They Are Playing For Everything But Money

Thanks for the guest post by Bradly Watkins
This has been a very interesting college football season. Like most college football seasons, it has been extremely unpredictable. The NFL might have some surprises once in a while, but it doesn't compare to college in regards to upsets. I think this might have a lot to do with the large and energetic crowds. They can play such a role in determining momentum. This is why away teams always want to get off to a fast start. It quiets the crowd and allows them to build momentum. Sometimes silence for an away team can be just as effective as a raucous crowd for a home team.
While crowds definitely play a role in upset victories, there is no real way of knowing what all the factors are. This is what makes college football so interesting. And the college football conference championships will be even more interesting than the regular season. I love these championship games because they're so spread out. They don't all take place on one day like the Super Bowl. Watching college championship football is like having a Super Bowl every day. How cool is that? Once the games begin, I will put on my DirecTV satellite TV deals and be in heaven from that night on. If you have never watched college championship games, it's highly recommended. These guys are playing for passion and pride, not money.

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