Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My new favorite comedian

Guest post written by Marcy Warner

Although I watch Comedy Central a lot, I don’t really go out of my way to discover new comics. But once I find one I like, I really latch on.
The latest comic of affection is Aziz Ansari, who plays on NBC’s "Parks and Recreation" and just hosted the MTV Movie Awards. I guess I first came across him on “Parks and Recreation” and thought he was just hilarious. Then I heard people talking about his stand-up comedy. I randomly caught a stand-up special of his on Comedy Central one day and was completely sold! He’s so much funnier than his role on “P& R” would make you think.
Naturally, I looked up videos of him on YouTube then and watch dozens of them. I also use my bundle with clear internet to look up his blog, where he posts a lot of videos and pictures of himself. But my favorite blog post was a screen shot of an e-mail his parents sent him the night before he was hosting the Movie Awards that said he looked tired in all these pictures of him on the internet.
I just hope he gets some big roles in upcoming movies instead of just sticking around as a secondary character on a sit-com.

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