Monday, July 12, 2010

Staying in Touch with Family and Loved Ones

This guest post is from my friend Reina Laraia

"Thanks for all the American troops who have served and are serving the USA. We are grateful for them and their dedication. I have a friend who served in Iraq. He is now back in US. I, like many people, have known someone who has been across the oceans--far far far away--seemingly out of touch to the rest of us. Regular mail service is scattered at best, and not reliable in times of war or military presence. 
One sure way, using hughesnet internet, was a blessing for me to keep in touch with my friend. I am able to send pictures, skype live internet feeds, and talk live. What a treat! It is just like being there--almost. It is as close as anyone can get. In this day and age, modern technology has come a long way and should be applauded for its success. I can see someone's wonderful face and hear their familiar voice, just with a couple clicks of a mouse.
Hughes internet ashland Kentucky helps with getting important news delivered immediately and accurately. I am also able to show pictures of other family or friends at the same time. This is also done for no charge! I would be sorely disappointed without it. Staying in touch with family and loved ones is what makes every day so much more valuable and bearable in difficult times."

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