Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Two (and a Half) Thumbs Up!

Guest post by Abraham Brewer

Whether its reruns or fresh episodes, watching Two and a Half Men always makes me laugh. The show is a half hour of smart remarks, innuendos, and interesting scenarios. It's my favorite comedy show on television.
Charlie Sheen plays a drinking playboy who lives with his brother portrayed by Jon Cryer. The brothers are part-time caretakers for teenage Jake. One can't help but laugh at some of their antics. Sheen is a jingle writer that has allowed his brother to move in on the heels of his divorce. The joke is on Sheen though, as Cryer has ended up living with him for several years.
Also adding to the fun is Holland Taylor who plays the role of real estate broker and mother to Sheen and Cryer. Her sarcasm and wit steal the show. Conchata Ferrell is the fresh-mouthed housekeeper and queen of one-liners. She is never afraid to speak her mind.
I love the way the characters always have quick responses and usually say what I am thinking. They are cynical just like me. Watching Jake progress through puberty has been a comical experience.
I frequently watch Two and a Half Men on our cable tv channels. Re-runs are regularly shown on weeknights, before prime time programming begins. The clever writing has turned me into a real fan of the show.

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