Saturday, December 6, 2008

The curse of the overflowing bathroom

I have no idea how many times I have walking into a public restroom, humming some old Beatles song, and unexpectedly come upon some sort of overflowing disaster. Not only is it disgusting, but to me, having to go out and find some manager to let them know that their bathroom 'needs attention' isn't the most fun. My biggest problem is trying to make it clear that it wasn't me... That I just happened to walk in on the sewer flood. Why does it bother me? I have no idea. I shouldn't care what some 17 year old fast food manager thinks, should I? Well, I do.
But, fear no more! The amazing people at Wal*Mart have come up with yet another awesome invention....I took this picture with my cell phone at my local Wal*Mart. (You should have seen the look on the other customers faces as I whipped out my cell phone to take this picture... you would have thought they had seen some alien walking around in a cow suite...)
The concept is simple, but if you don't understand, let me explain. If you walk into the bathroom upon some feces covered floor (of if you were the one to do it) all you have to do is flip up the switch and walk away. No seeking out a manager and trying to descretly tell them about the mess (while still trying to explain that it wasn't you!). Hooray for Wal*Mart. What would I do without them?
Do you have any fun public restroom stories? Please share! Us here at Now What Do You Think About That? are always ready to hear some bathroom dramas. It makes us feel better!

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