Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Islam is the Light

When you buy your children toys, I am sure you aren't too worried about the type of message that the toy can bring. Especially if the toy is something as innocent as a baby doll. Well, I have never worried about what the underlying message could be in the toys I buy Gracie.
For her birthday, we bought her a Mattel's Little Mommy Cuddle 'n Coo doll. This cute doll giggles, says "mama", moves and babbles and is even motion activated. She has had it for a couple of weeks now, and plays with it all the time. My sister called me the other day and asked what type of doll Gracie got for her birthday. I told her and she asked me to listen to the doll when it is 'babbling'. She wouldn't tell me what it said, just that it was something that a baby shouldn't say. We listened and the first time caught the word 'Light'. The next time my grandma said, Islam? Islam is the light?!? Well, sure enough, this innocent looking baby says some serious propaganda.
Here is a video that I found on youtube. This is exactly what her baby sounds and looks like. See if you can figure out where it says it....

So I called the company. I was outraged. They assure me that it doesn't say this and that “The sound is compressed into an inexpensive speaker, so sounds may be imprecise... they also claim that the doll’s only scripted word is “Mama.” They blame the doll’s cheap speakers for distorting the soundtrack. And they also blame the power of suggestion - in that people are being told what to listen for.

You decide. Is this some strange propaganda or is it one serious misunderstanding?

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