Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gift Cards

Lately there has been many e-mails and news circulating about the dangers of buying gift cards. If you haven't heard about this, you will soon enough. The e-mails are stating that retailers are not accepting gift cards and that the stores are going out of business. They even quote a list of retailers that are not accepting gift cards. So, us here at Now What Do You Think About That? decided to look into this e-mail circulation.
The one thing that we found is that the list is completely overstated and untrue!

Gift cards are definitely the preferred gift for the holidays. Why is this? Because gift cards are versatile, easy to use, easy to spend, and easy to give.

There was a study done recently by Blackhawk Network (which is the largest third party distributor of gift cards and creator of Gift Card Mall™ ) and they found the following:
  • 70% feel that gift cards are a great gift since the recipient can get what he/she wants.
  • 66% think that by purchasing a gift card, they are assured their money is not wasted on a gift that someone will not like or use.
  • 54% feel that they would rather give a gift card than cash.
  • 58% of consumers still plan on buying gift cards this holiday – especially women (62%.)

So? Can't figure out what to get the person on your list? That person who either has everything, or returns all of the gifts that they receive? A gift card ensures that they get what they want, when they want it and in the right size! Head on over to Gift Card Mall ™ and get your shopping done early this year!

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